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Karen Mace, Life & Hope Mentoring | WiseIntro Portfolio

Karen Mace

Life & Hope Mentoring

Are you struggling to manage the demands of your business with your physical or mental health condition but yet this condition seems invisible to others (for example fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety or depression)?

My name is Karen Mace and I am a Registered Counsellor who works with female business owners who are passionate about their jobs but struggle with not believing in themselves and balancing their life, business and health.

Often you might feel different to others or even invisible as people can’t see that anything is wrong. Yet your condition limits your ability to execute your big dreams and you end up feeling isolated. There is often very little time or energy for fun or friends in your life anymore and covid doesn’t help.

You find yourself pushing hard and then ‘hitting the wall’ when your body says no. You go through cycles of high productivity followed by periods when you feel you can’t do anything and just want to collapse on the sofa. Sometimes you feel angry at yourself or beat yourself up. Know that it is not you – there is nothing wrong with you - you are simply dealing with the limitations of your condition.

I can help you lead a more balanced life, juggling all the pieces of your life and work to be more sustainable.

Together, we set goals for your transformation, working within your time and energy levels. We make a plan, set small achievable steps and develop realistic and reasonable goals. We may work on your schedule, your beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your goals or talk through those tricky situations you face. I help you to overcome obstacles to allow you to have the business and the life that you dream of. I work across all areas of your life not just your business

I challenge you to go deeper than you have before and not settle for easy answers to show up authentically in your business and your life. We will laugh and cry as we journey together, yet I will support and encourage you as you work towards achieving your big dreams sustainably.

We work together on a weekly basis for a minimum of three to six months and longer if you desire to continue this work together to give you the greatest results possible.

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